Company Info

PT. TRIFA Raya Laboratories was established in 1972 as one of the pharmaceutical companies in Indonesia that produces medicines and health supplements. In 1981 We occupied a new location with greater production capacity. The production facilities of PT TRIFA Raya Laboratories are divided into 3 parts, namely Tablet, Capsule and Ointment Formulations consisting of supplement production lines and drug production.

In its production activities, PT TRIFA Raya Laboratories implemented a quality guideline in accordance with government regulations through the implementation of a Good Drug Manufacturing Method (CPOB) at the time of product development design, product manufacture until the product is ready to be marketed. To check the quality of its products, PT TRIFA Raya Laboratories applies the principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), while for storage and distribution it refers to Good Storage Practice (GSP) and Good Distribution Practice (GDP).

To run the company’s operations, PT TRIFA Raya Laboratories is supported by trained, competent and qualified personnel and employees according to their work area. PT TRIFA Raya Laboratories is fully committed to achieving product quality and customer satisfaction so that it always strives to make continuous improvements in all aspects to keep consumers from only receiving good quality products through a process that is trusted by reliability.

Become one of the trusted national pharmaBecome one of the trusted national pharmaceutical companies through excellent and professionals servicesceutical companies through excellent and professionals services

  • Produce good quality products with MP standards (the validity of the efficacy, safety, quality and legality of the product distribution) and affordable by all levels of society
  • Develop competent human resources in their field
  • Develop new products, add principal, and line business

Producing quality products  with GMP Standards and supported by a reliable and exact documented process system

  1. Focus : Full concentrate on all efforts to achieve the company’s vision and mission
  2. Fast :  Fast and responsive in capturing every business opportunity and problem solving
  3. Fair :  Open and fair to all parties and accountable
  4. Flexibility : Objective in making decisions by considering various aspects of causes and impacts
  5. Friendly :    The spirit of togetherness in carrying out company activities